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Pub Slots

"Pub Slots" is a British style fruit machine that offers a more entertaining experience than a simple slot machine. "Pub Slots" includes the following features, HOLD, NUDGE, AUTO NUDGE, GAMBLE, 4 Reel Play and win spins.
Compare your slots prowess with others and earn rewards on GameCenter.
A 'Fun Mode' makes the game more enjoyable by increasing the occurrences of the HOLD and NUDGE features and also tips the GAMBLE feature in your favour.

New in Version 2.4.0:
  • Retina Display Support
  • GameCenter Support
  • Multitasking Support

  • Math Wiz Live

    Math Wiz Live is the math game that keeps you on your toes. Simple enough to just pick up and play, but challenging enough to keep you coming back.

    In Math Wiz mode, you're given all the numbers and operators, you need to figure out in which order they should all be placed to reach the stated target number. You've got one minute to figure it out.

    You can also play in Speed Wiz mode in which you're given a series of arithmetic problems and again you've got one minute to complete as many as you can.

    For a more familiar game, play in Times Tables mode in which you just have to provide the correct answer to the times tables problem presented in one minute.

    Get some practice in daily and then play in online mode to see how you stack up against others players.

    Math Wiz Live is great for players of all ages and will be sure to turn you into a Math Wiz ... with enough practice. If you're a Math Wiz in training, then you can use the easy mode in which the problems and numbers are a little easier to solve.

    What's New in Version 2.0.0:
  • GameCenter Achievements & Leaderboards

  • 3D Sculptor

    A fun and exciting 3D game that challenges your memory and speed. 3D Sculptor presents you with a color 3D model and challenges you to reproduce it before time runs out.
    You start with a "cuboid" that encompasses the 3D model and you must chip away at the "cuboid", changing shapes and colors until you have reproduced the original model.

    Earn awards by completing models and doing so quickly. 3D Sculptor uses the AGON social gaming platform for tracking high scores and achievements.

    You too can create models and will be able to share them with your friends in an upcoming release.

    What's Coming:
  • Improved support for earlier iPhone/iPod models
  • More models

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